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16 - 18 October 2018
Stand F32


We would be glad to see you on Solar & Storage LIVE. We will host demos at our Stand F32. You can come visit us anytime or schedule a one on one meeting.

The only software for your solar project

that covers  & automates all its stages:
lead generation, proposal and design

Efficiently manage your solar project.
Respond to customers within minutes & save valuable time of your engineers.

Automate your solar project development process with all-in-one solution. Manage leads, create financial quotation and engineering design in a single app.

Lead generation

Engage your leads with instant information on their potential savings. Gather required information with custom lead generation forms to respond within minutes.

Proposal tool

Use information from Lead Generation forms to create accurate proposals that effortlessly fit your customers’ needs wihtin 5 minutes

Engineering design

Intuitive and automated design tool allows to create full-scale accurate engineering design within minutes, with possibility of manual adjustments.

Lead generation

Instant analysis of feasibility.

Give your customers instant answers if the project is economically feasible, based on the address of the customer.

Information gathered at Lead Stage is seamlessly moved to Proposal Generation Stage.

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Proposal tool

Create quotation with graphic design in less than 5 minutes.

  • Accurate solar energy project proposals

  • Financial analysis & energy production calculations

  • Preliminary design according to customer’s needs

  • Short processing time & graphic proposals - increased customer conversions

Precise modeling and calculations allow you to optimize solar energy system design and present all calculations in one report.

Download sample report

Electrical design

Automate your electrical design process with accurate and powerful design tool. Continue from the layout created in the proposal tool and create electrical design instantly.

With a few clicks:

  • Calculate and place best-fitting inverter combinations

  • Divide array on strings and attach strings to proper inverters

  • Create strings and assign them to inverters

  • Generate Single Line Diagrams (SLDs)

  • Export to AutoCAD (DXF) or PDF

  • Make manual adjustments to generated design or create full electrical design manually


Get complete sales and engineering package

119 EUR / month

*VAT not included

Lead generation

  • Build lead-capturing widgets

  • Allow your customers to instantly calculate their potential savings

  • Analyse and prioritise your leads

  • Gather data required for financial quotation and seamlessly use it in the next step

  • Export leads to your CRM

Proposal tool

  • Increase your sales by creating accurate and detailed proposals within 5 minutes

  • Analyze your customer energy consumption

  • Automatically generate optimal panel layout and calculate energy production

  • Run financial analysis and calculate long-term savings

  • Run shading analysis

  • Export to AutoCAD (DXF) or PDF


  • Prepare electrical design automatically and make manual adjustments

  • Calculate required inverters, place them, divide array on strings and attach strings to proper inverters

  • Analyze, design and calculate best-fitting inverter combinations

  • Calculate and add best fitting inverters

  • Create strings and assign them to inverter

  • Create single line diagrams

  • Export to AutoCAD (DXF) or PDF

PVStream is developed specifically for companies involved in PV project development process

All in One

PVStream provides software tools for each stage of Solar Energy Project development: Proposal, design and monitoring. Eliminating the need for integration and switching between applications.


PVStream is fully web-based solution, all information is accessible from any device with Internet connection. All work happens in a web-browser.


Precise modeling and calculations even at proposal stages. Complex shading, energy simulation and wind-load algorithms for each stage of the project development.

Cloud tech

PVStream is hosted in a cloud, there is no need to install additional software. All services are available on subscription basis. Each client can configure PVStream for their own business.

Meet our team

PVStream unites scientific expertise with industrial knowledge accumulated over a decade of software development for solar industry

Dmitrijs Kononovs


Over 10 years of experience in managing startups in software and deep-tech. Experienced in business development and in bringing solutions to markets across Europe, USA and Asia.

Dmitry Sergeev


Since 2007 has been leading the development of software tools and services for solar industry companies, vast experience working as a technical lead and is a certified specialist in a number of IT areas.

Julia Kadish


Experience in IT sphere on administrative positions since 2008. Certified scrummaster, has project management experience in software development in various verticals, including solar. Andrey Snegirev,

Head of R&D

Expert in the field of solar energy and a civil engineering innovator. Andrey has over a decade of hands on experience in design, construction, and project management in the area of solar energy. Experienced researcher in the renewable energy field.

Our supporters

PVStream īsteno pētniecības projektu Darbības programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība" 1.2.1.specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Palielināt privātā sektora investīcijas P&A" pasākuma "Atbalsts jaunu produktu un tehnoloģiju izstrādei kompetences centru ietvaros" otrās projektu iesniegumu atlases kārtas ietvaros. Pētniecības projekta nosaukums: GEFEST, Projekts Nr. Galvenais uzņēmuma mērķis ir izpētīt un radīt inovatīvo produktu – matemātiskās simulācijas platformu (viedo tehnoloģiju – programmatūru), kura ļaus automātiski un ļoti precīzi noprognozēt un noteikt potenciālu saules enerģijas paneļiem, (t. sk. efektivitāti, gan enerģētisko, gan ekonomisko) jebkurā ģeogrāfiskā lokācijā un dot cilvēcei rīku, kas dos iespēju ātri un automātiski izvērtēt potenciālu un dabūt objektīvu piedāvājumu lai pārslēgties uz atjaunojamiem energoresursiem.